Like most good ideas, The Relentless Collective was born over a glass of wine and a conversation among friends.   

Over a monthly catch up dinner, we shared our challenges and observations with the current state of client-agency relationships. For example, on the client side, we observed consistent frustrations with in-house cultures: fear of failure stifling innovation, keeping ideation and campaigns safely within the confines of dated best practices; lack of measurement and metrics demonstrating ROI – resulting in muted buy-in and investment from senior stakeholders; minimal expertise on how to leverage the power of comms to drive business results, and one too many strategy meetings where marcomms had no seat at the table.  

On the agency-side, there was a lack of understanding of client businesses, a lot of lip service (saying yes too often when the answer should have been no), scope creep due to ineffective budgeting methods, complacency on long-term accounts, high stakes work given to junior resources, team baiting and switching, and an overall lack of transparency. 

There are a lot of companies who believe they are being innovative yet continue to struggle with market visibility. And there are a lot of agencies that shout from the rooftops about building trusted partnerships with their clients, but consistently place profits over service. In both cases, we had yet to truly experience what we knew to be possible.  

So, we decided to build it – a results-driven partnership between  client and agency that truly bridges the  divide.  We started The Relentless Collective  because we knew there was something  better out there. Something more meaningful, impactful, and honest – for clients and for agencies.   

When we say we view ourselves as your partner, we don’t just mean at the start of the partnership or when things are going great. We’re with you well after the honeymoon stage and when things don’t go as planned. We put skin in the game and take on your challenges as if they are our own. Afterall, success is sweeter when you’re in it together.   

More importantly, we get you – and we want to work with people who get us.   

If you can’t imagine going out for drinks or coffee with us in addition to working with us, then we’re probably not the right partner for you. And, that’s ok. But if you’re looking for a sustainable and genuine client-agency partnership, built on sincere human connections, we’d love to hear from you.   

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